Terms and conditions (T & C) are mainly branches of a few rules and statements for possible users of your service that will have to follow and agree to them who are wish to use the services at WrittingXperts company. Mainly terms & conditions established for the important aspects of business, a legal foundation for you and your customers should be a priority and protecting your business also.

We have a request to you that, please read the terms and conditions very gingerly.

You are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions when you are using this WrittingXperts website. So, please focusing terms and conditions carefully.

Order placing, use, and registration access

Our digital platform welcomes users who are registered on this website. Our company offers the mention registration service which may be subject to change in the future. Registration services are offering them who are subscribed individually.


  1. You use a valid email address when you are registering on the website. If you will not enter a valid email id we cannot reach you. Invalid email id will contravene terms & conditions.
  2. You can place your order freely. We don’t charge any amount when you will place the order.
  3. After the client deposits an agreed amount of money with our website on submission of the first draft then we start the project for the clients.
  4. After placing the order we will send you a message for confirmation as well as communication. Our supporting team uses a messaging system for communication between client and writer. 
  5. We don’t get you an approval to offer work directly to the writer and reveal personal information.
  6. After making a job order by the customer, he or she can extend to us any time to know the status of the job. We are given updates to customers about the status of the work and how much work has been completed.


Order Delivery :

  1. Order volume mainly measured by the words and Orders placed by the client will have a required that volume.
  2. It is important for the client to check the document and match the expected number of words after delivery of the product which he or she ordered. If the numbers of words are mismatched then the client can request reformat to match the number of words allocated.
  3. The client can request changes to the work imposed only if the writer has not started the persuasive yet. No changes will be imposed once the writer starts working on the project. The client will be asked to place a new order with correct requirements if there are changes in the order details, order entirety, or order perplexity.
  4. In case the client requires any specific resources to be used during the order process, they must provide the source to the writer and specify the resource.
  5. The client also communicates with the writer about their product through chat or by using our expert team.
  6. We will provide the client with the status of the order and the client can request the tracking of his or her order at any time.


Order Delivery :

If the client provides an incorrect email address, we won’t be responsible for the order delivery. So correct mail id must be needed when we provide the product to the client and he or she must ensure the availability of delivery channels.  Our team responsible for order delivery to clients and they will meet the deadline for submissions of the order.


Order revision :

  1. The client also can request a revision to the writer or our supporting team. We will examine the revision which the client has requested and communicate with them about extra charges.
  2. We reserve the right to limit multiple revision requests depend on the client’s behavior depicts occlusion of the writer.


Refund Policy :

We are responsible to deliver the product within a specific time that was mentioned at the time of receiving the order. The client can request a partial or full refund If any of the commitments made to the client is surpassed.

Plagiarism :

  1. We will deliver to you all products or any other written materials for reference and research purposes only. We stand by the copyright laws so, we will never approve any client to commit plagiarism and crossed copyright laws. The customer will provide us written samples for research purposes only. You don’t use it your writing as a replacement. You can use it as a model paper for your research and able to learn properly. You can take inspiration for your own thinking from our customers which they are written for the research purpose only. Please check your definition of plagiarism for using source materials that you provided by our supporting team.
  2. We are not responsible for any kind of lawless, illegitimate, unsuitable for or wrong use of our products or any written services. This comprises litigation, plagiarism, repercussion, poor grading, academic experiment, loss of scholarships, awards, grants, prizes. Purchasers of products from the website are absolutely responsible for all disciplinary actions related to phony and roguish use of our services.


Intellectual Property Rights –


Your writer will send you your writing samples by draft. Thus, dividing, publishing, transmitting, modifying the product or content of the website without our compliance is strictly forbidden. You will be answerable for all losses we sustain as a result of all unauthorized use made of the product.


Disclaimer and Limitations of liability –


We don’t bail that all your expectations would be met by this website.WWW (World Wide Web) access the website, this is independent of us. Conduct of the WWW (World Wide Web) is at your own risk and is subjected to all national and international laws and regulations. We will not be indebted for any loss or damages risk due to modifications done by us to the website and we will not be responsible to you or any other person in connection with the products or services including but not limited to

  • Computer malfunctions, phone, electronic, software, network, email, internet, or difficulties of any kind which are related to the website.
  • Failed or delayed computer or incorrect email address.
  • Any event caused that is beyond the control of the company. This can cause the services or products to be disrupted, corrupted, or delayed.
  • Damages or losses of all kinds arising as a result of using the services.
  • Any typographical or printing errors in the product which was ordered.