Since we will help you to maintain your privacy and we have some basic privacy principles also.

  • We will cautious about your personal data that we ask you to provide.
  • We gather your personal information unless and until we need to keep it or is necessary by law.
  • We make the process of controlling all the information on this website, which is our aim also. And this information shared publicly as simple for you as possible.
  • We maintain full transparency when it comes to using, sharing, and gathering all your personal information and all this information will be kept very carefully.


What our privacy policy covers and who we are


Hey there! WrittingXperts is our Company and this is our website also. WrittingXperts is a writing company that provides all types of professional, business, and academic writing services. We are a working team based in India.

While you are browsing our website these Privacy policies are applicable to information that we gather about you. We will protect your all personal data accurately. Please, carefully read our privacy policies it you have any questions or doubt about regarding this privacy policy contact us directly, don’t be hesitate. We will try to clear your doubt and will give you a proper answer.

You, your parents, or any nearby person can give information about you to us and we will take permission before collecting any information to you, if you give consent to us, this information will be kept diligently.


 What are the requirements to collect personal data?


Because of the following reasons why we collect personal data:


  • To provide service to you when you have ordered one of our services through our website.
  • For providing information related to the services that you have shown interest and purchasing the service throughout our website.
  • To provide information to you related to the services you have purchased already from us.

What information do we collect?

We collect information the following information about you when you visit our website, those are:

  • Some technical information.
  • Information about your device that you use while connecting to our website, and if your mail-id also connected to the device we collect this information also.
  • The IP address of your device.
  • Information is necessary for completing the service you have purchased from us.


Process of giving information:


You may give us information, like

  • Filling form on our website or by sending us an email.
  • By posting an order on our website which you need.
  • You can contact us over the phone.


We may share your personal data, like;

  • Our marketing or supporting team
  • Our contractors, writer, and third parties
  • With third parties who provide us these services.